Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Real King of the World, That's Me

I've often joked, flatly, that instead of naming me John Michael Williams, my parents should have just stamped a bar code on my birth certificate, or named me Baby Human. Not that the generic handle has been a detriment; in fact, I've come to like it by learning to think of it as the name equivalent of Shaker furniture: simple but durable, even elegant in a way. (If by elegant, you mean dull; which you often do, don't lie.)

I just came across a list I had saved a while back. It was the result of visiting a web site, now frustratingly forgotten to me, where you could enter your name and find all web references that take the form of "Your Name is..." It wouldn't take you to a series of links, it would just list the individual sentences beginning that way, out of context. (So it wasn't Google. If you know what it is, please remind me in the convenient "Comments" section located below.)

Obviously, this was one instance when having a common name made for better entertainment. The following is a (very) partial list of the things being said about me out there:
John Williams is steeped in traditional music
John Williams is truly a "master maestro" when it comes to uplifting that awe within us all
John Williams is the first
John Williams is a button accordion and concertina player of rare ability
John Williams is not involved with the production or maintenance of this site in any way
John Williams is aware of this site's existence and I hope to have input from him at some stage
John Williams is better than first tier; almost anyone else is neither here nor there
John Williams is a cousin to Princess Diana through his ancestral couple Robert and Martha
John Williams is director of the Sir Norman Chester Centre for football research
John Williams is 100% right is in his assertion that only a federally united and democratically controlled Europe will be able to provide a self
John Williams is a senior lecturer in law at the University of Adelaide
John Williams is America's
John Williams is a member of the Indian liberation movement
John Williams is CTO at Tellein, where he focuses on enterprise architecture
John Williams is a 1985 graduate of the university of Akron school of law and is employed as an assistant prosecuting attorney in Wayne county
John Williams is without doubt extremely versatile
John Williams is bombastic when it's appropriate
John Williams is a consultant with Frank Russell Company's New Zealand office
John Williams is international trade director for trade partners UK in the north eastern region
John Williams is sometimes accused of "borrowing" from classical music pieces too much
John Williams is the greatest single benefactor in the history of the library
John Williams is a genius
John Williams is well
John Williams is really referring to 071607
John Williams is busy at the moment
John Williams is a flight instructor and commercial pilot for new horizon aviation
John Williams is going to get to you emotionally
John Williams is good
John Williams is widely regarded as a foremost ambassador of the guitar
John Williams is interesting
John Williams is the author of the waste report
John Williams is a contributing photographer for Ski magazine
John Williams is the real king of the world
John Williams is a very good science fiction writer
John Williams is also a deputy lieutenant of the county of Durham
John Williams is the exception to the rule
John Williams is unparalleled
I know what you're thinking, because I'm thinking it myself: Where do I find the time to blog?


Anonymous Pirate of Dread said...

Ask and ye shall receive - the site is

3:07 AM  
Blogger Dezmond said...

I enjoyed your scores for the 'Star Wars' films.

1:52 PM  

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