Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What's Your Sign? Come Here Often? What's the Consistency of Your Ear Wax?

Both this post and the one below it come to us via ScienceBlogs, which is actually a pretty great site that collects the best of ... well ... science blogs. So don't allow the fact that I'm making fun of these two links to turn you against the site, which is worth bookmarking.

Anyway, back to making fun of them:

Do you ever feel anxiety when talking to a member of the opposite sex? Or on a job interview? Maybe while trying to make small talk among extended family over the holidays? Next time you find yourself in that position, take a deep breath, and think of what this guy must be talking about wherever he is. Don't you feel calmer already?


Blogger Razib said...

i'm not single FYI, and, she's at least a 7 :)

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