Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Terrible Band Name; Pretty Good Song

I just did a little dorky dance around my living room, and here's why (I'm warning you, it's pathetic). Last week, I noticed that iTunes allows you to request certain songs or albums that aren't available through it yet. Knowing that millions of people probably do this with some significant measure of futility, I went ahead and entered the two things I've been most disappointed not to find, both songs that I used to own on CDs that have mysteriously disappeared over the years -- "Beginning the World" by the Innocence Mission and "Am I Wrong?" by Love Spit Love.

And what do you know -- they posted the Love Spit Love album. Thus, the dancing to the song in the living room. (And no, it's not really a dance song. But then, you could barely call it a dance.) For those unaware, this was the mid-90s band started by Richard Butler, formerly of the Psychedelic Furs. The song is almost prototypical alternative rock from the period -- chiming guitars, crisp production, breathily passionate total, just screaming to be played in the background during the climax of a 20-something romantic comedy. And even if it doesn't quite live up to how much I liked it then (for starters, the lyric "sleep comes with a knife, fork, and a spoon" leaves something to be desired), it still sounds pretty good. I'm not going to post the sound file, though, because then I leave myself vulnerable. Go find it for yourself if you want to ridicule me that badly.


Anonymous Dread Pirate said...

I possess the LSL album - all you had to do is ask me and not iTunes.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous PF said...

And I think I possess the Innocence Mission CD you seek, pilgrim....

10:14 AM  

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