Monday, January 30, 2006

Oscar and His Evil Twin, Razzie

Tomorrow morning (probably today, by the time you're reading this), Oscar nominations will be announced. Not to be outdone, the Razzies (short for Raspberries), which take on the increasingly simple task of honoring the worst in Hollywood, announced their nominees a day earlier.

You'll be pleased to see that The Dukes of Hazzard is well represented, though piling on so many nominations for Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love seems pointless, even by the standards of awarding statuettes of bunched raspberries to terrible movies. Did anyone actually see it? (A quick bit of research shows the box office for that one came up short of $60,000. No, I didn't leave off a zero.)

The woman so many men want to bring home to mom (see post immediately below), Jessica Alba, garnered a worst actress nomination for not one but two wretched performances. (Not that I can confirm; you'd have to give me an extra two weeks of paid vacation from work to get me in front of The Fantastic Four.)

Back to the real Oscars, briefly: They capture my interest a bit less every year, partly because I go to fewer movies in the theater. Enough people have answered their cell phones next to me, or noisily eaten a three-course meal they smuggled in, that I'm happy to do most of my viewing through Netflix. I do think that Junebug and its stunning lynchpin performance by Amy Adams are highly deserving. I'm sure the movie won't be nominated, but she better be. Then again, I already know that Grizzly Man, probably the best movie I saw that was originally released this year, won't be nominated even for Best Documentary.

Here's my guess for the five Best Picture nominees. We'll see how I did in the morning:

Brokeback Mountain; Good Night, and Good Luck; Munich; Walk the Line; King Kong


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awaiting your sheepish follow-up...

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