Sunday, February 05, 2006


My buddy Jason over at Bad Movie Club blogged the Super Bowl (actually, he blogged the entire day) as it was happening. It replicated the experience of watching the game with him more than I could have hoped. We're both going to give the Oscars the same treatment this year. Here are some of my favorite observations of his from the big Sunday. These are individual posts as he had composed them, which should give you an idea for how his demented mind hops around. I'm leaving out strictly football-related comments because they're already outdated, but they were fun to see during the game:
Stevie Wonder has turned into Bleeding Gums Murphy from the Simpsons -- so much so that it is uncanny. Nice Motown tribute though, aside from showing the ridiculous "dancing" "fans" on the field and the inability to get anyone's microphone working. Joss Stone is annoyingly sexy.

Well those commercials sucked but it is nice that Al Michaels pronounced Mos Def correctly.

The commercials always make me uncomfortable. "It's all about the O" is a little too sexual for me to want to shop there. In order to buy from you, I have to sexually pleasure that woman -- too much pressure for me.

Seriously Ben, you do not have to win this thing by yourself. His throws have been terrible all game. By the way, that Hummer commercial where the monster and the robot have sex and birth a H3 is the creepiest thing I have seen -- ever. Seattle needs a TD here.


Anonymous Pirate said...

You can't tell me that Wonder is not the spitting image of Bleeding Gums.

6:22 PM  
Blogger JMW said...

No, I completely agree! Really. That was the genius of it...and thus, I posted it.

12:04 AM  

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