Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Wish I Had More Hands, So I Could Give This Show Four Thumbs Down

The few times I've mistakenly wandered across Grey's Anatomy, I've watched for a minute or two, thought "boy, this sucks," and moved on. For some reason tonight -- well, presumably for Pavlovian reasons, since ABC ran 9,342 ads for it during the Super Bowl -- I gave it a shot for the first 15 minutes.

Awful. Indescribably awful.

On second thought, I'll try to describe: It's like they put the worst elements of Ally McBeal (a show I actually enjoyed, but had its share of terrible elements), Desperate Housewives, and ER (another show I used to like) into a blender, and then chugged the resulting concoction while listening to the soundtrack from The OC. Yeesh.

(Ed. Note: This post's title is a reference to a Dave Chappelle sketch. I know that, and figured many of you would know that. I'm not trying to steal.)


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The Humorless Feminist concurs!

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