Monday, August 25, 2008

Week's Preview

A final post about the track is immediately below, for the few of you who could possibly care. I'm back in Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon, and the rest of the week should be busy and decidedly non-equine in nature. It will include the next entry in my albums list, along with posts about Muriel Spark, termites, the Democratic convention, giraffes, a word that I like, and my father angrily reacting to a baseball game when he was nine years old. Also, at the request of one of my most loyal readers, and one of my favorites (OK, no fair; she's my sister), I'll be trying to put up a new ellipses post each day as an experiment.


Blogger Nathan said...

Termites, giraffes, the DNC, a likable word.... I'm looking forward to this week.

6:24 PM  
Blogger amy lineburg said...

I'm voting with your sis: An Ellipses entry every day sounds great!

12:01 AM  

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