Thursday, August 21, 2008


Is anyone familiar with the singer Candi Staton? For the past couple of decades, I think, she's been mostly known as a gospel singer. She was recently inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. (Best fact I've learned in a while: The "hall" began life as the Christian Drummers Hall of Fame. Quite an exclusive group.) In 1975, Staton was making pop music, and I know this because I was listening to New York's very own Hot 97 FM the other day while showering -- not a regular habit; the Hot 97 listening, I mean -- and they played "Victim," which made my day. Click here and you can listen to it while gazing at the same Glamour Shot of Staton for eight minutes. There's a backbone of '70s cheese to the song, but the vocal is fantastic. And now, as always happens when you're made aware of someone, I see her name popping up in other places, like this playlist by writer Maud Casey.


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