Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gators Win, College Football (As Always) Loses

So, Florida dismantled Ohio State tonight. And by the lights of the current "system," they fully deserve the national championship. But the way I see it, you now have one undefeated team from a weaker conference, at least four very good teams with one loss, at least three very good teams with two losses, and no structure that would allow those teams to, you know, play any meaningful games against each other. In other words, Division I college football remains what it's been for a long time: the most expensive joke ever told.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more as posted here and here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always heard that college football opposes a playoff because of money. But I've never understood that argument.

Throw together an 10 team playoff (top 2 teams get a 1 week bye), and everyone else gets to play in their regularly scheduled bowl games. If anything, the teams seeded at the bottom of the top 10 would probably get more tv exposure in their 10 vs. 3 and 9 vs. 4 games than in their current bowl games. This past season, #10 West Virginia played unranked Georgia Tech in the Gator Bowl, and #9 Auburn played unranked Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl. Wouldn't a WV vs. #3 LSU matchup and an Auburn vs. #4 USC matchup get a bigger audience?

Plus, the season is extended, and more games mean more tv revenues.

What am I missing?

-- Comish (sic)

7:59 PM  
Blogger JMW said...

You're not missing anything, Comish. I do think individual bowls have worried about money, but they need to hire new accountants. Just because a Bowl isn't a "final event," and is part of a larger playoff, doesn't mean it's a lesser event. In fact, as you point out, it makes it bigger. Exposure and money would no doubt only get larger if there was a playoff. But the insanity continues. I have no idea why.

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