Friday, June 25, 2010


Quiet week around here, for a specific reason: Heat.

I had a real Michael Douglas-in-Falling Down day yesterday. This happens to me every so often, but hadn't for a while. The air-conditioner in my apartment was broken. Only the fan was working, which meant it was very effectively blowing more hot air into the apartment. Wednesday night was extremely humid, and I barely slept. So yesterday morning, I walked in the heat to P. C. Richards to get a new machine, then waited 45 minutes for a bus to go see a friend, then went back home at 3:45, since I had set up an appointment with the a/c delivery and installation guys for sometime between 4 and 6. They showed up promptly at 8.

Basically, New York for 85% of the year (three seasons, plus about 10% of the summer) has a climate to my liking. For the other 15%, it's one step above hellfire.

More soon.


Blogger Barbara Carlson said...

Read this in an 18th century diary, describing how hot it was in Quebec City one summer day:

"There is but a sheet of brown paper 'twix us and hell."

(Ceiling fans have meant we don't turn on our A/C more than a few (or no) days in a summer. That, and sitting really still.)

6:56 PM  
Blogger Barbara Carlson said...

Also, re your Actions and Reputations post of 8 June,
I am reading Hitch 22 and a more well-written, erudite, informative, amusing, revealing, honest portrayal of the arc of a life I have yet to read...but I'm only up to 1968.

So far, I've laughed out loud & wept with him. I will hate to see the book end. Hitch rules. (It's always nice to have one's prejudices confirmed.)

7:06 PM  

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