Tuesday, June 08, 2010

14 K, 0 BB

God, I love baseball. They said they wouldn't let him go past the sixth inning, but he went seven: Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg, in his big-league debut, struck out 14 and walked none. He left the game with a 4-2 lead. I don't care that it's the Pirates; the build-up to this was ridiculous, and for him to pitch this way is really impressive. Must have been a great, great night to be at the game.

Before the game, people on Twitter were mocking the hype:
Stephen Strasburg has finished his pre-game supper, informing his infield, "One of you will betray me tonight."
Now they're expressing their own comic hype:
Stephen Strasburg's curveball just punched physics in the eye and stole its girlfriend.

Stephen Strasburg's fastball just beat Apollo Creed and Rocky on the beach. It then tenderly hugged his curveball in slow motion.
And some are saying things that even a Yankees fan like me finds disgusting:
I don't want to wait until 20teens to see him in a Yankees uniform, I want him NOW! Come to NY, Stephen! Come to us!

Hey Nats, don't wear out Strasburg's arm. Up here in the Bronx we play through October.


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