Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Big Brees-y

Or: Brees-y does it. Those are my two lame attempts at headlines for the morning.

That was a fun Super Bowl. I remember the days when it was the most anticlimactic sports event on the calendar year in and year out. I've made enough bad predictions on this blog over the years that I won't take much credit for picking the Saints earlier today, but I'm glad they won. It was one of those games where I didn't feel ahead of time like I had a strong rooting interest, but then realized once the game started that I was rooting really hard for New Orleans. Maybe it was because I had put my neck on the line -- with my five readers -- and made a prediction. In any case, now I kick back with the one baseball magazine I've already bought, eagerly await the publication of this year's Baseball Prospectus, and decide whether to protect Joe Mauer in the first round of my fantasy draft. (Yes, I have a girlfriend. For now.)

One last note on the Super Bowl. Perhaps it goes without saying that this was my favorite ad of the night:


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