Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Movie List: Patience, Young Jedis

My friend Dez has been asking aloud for my list of favorite movies on his blog (and in my comments sections, and in his other outlets, like the op-ed page of the Albuquerque Journal and the 3 a.m. slot on the satellite radio station Fox News Talk). I've promised to rank my favorite 100, as Dez did his favorite 50 over the summer. I can only plead excessive preparation. And procrastination.

I've been carefully going through lists of movies to make a list of everything I've seen, and I've also wanted to watch a few things again -- and a few things for the first time -- to make the list as up to date as possible. I'm also planning for the list to be an excuse for all kinds of posts around here, to liven things up (I know it's been quiet), and I imagine the whole thing will start sometime very soon after New Year's.

For now, some of the following posts this week will involve movies, because they have been on my mind.


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