Friday, October 16, 2009


A nine-year-old kid’s incredible hockey shot. Really, check this out. . . . Seems increasingly obvious that the whole “balloon boy” thing was a hoax by crazy, attention-hungry parents. Gotta like the boy, though, who farted on CNN and puked on NBC. . . . Glenn Beck remembers a simpler, non-existent time. And says it was better because of Paul Anka. And rambles about how Americans are like kids at a party who smell like pot. Or something. Oh, and of course, fake cries. . . . Toronto’s Star names the 10 “most important” movies of the past decade. Lots of movie-related stuff in this blog’s near future. . . . Neanderthals beat a gay man to within an inch of his life and their idiot friend cites the Bible (and his Biblical tattoo) to back them up. And a pastor writes in to slam the idiot friend. . . . Speaking of idiots, but on a much lighter note, "new rule," as Bill Maher might say: You can't casually use baseball stats that only four people have heard of, as Jayson Stark does in this column: "[Lincecum has] had the most 'dominating' starts (game scores of 75 or better)." What the hell is a game score of 75? . . . A short(ish) provocative piece, I thought, about 72-year-old artist David Hockney and his new passion for drawing on his iPhone.


Blogger Mike Lindgren said...

Yes, what? OPS is a good stat though no?

8:58 PM  

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