Friday, September 18, 2009

The Coens Talk Shop

GQ interviews the Coen brothers, who serve up some blasphemy (saying "I don't even think it's an especially great movie" about The Wizard of Oz) and reveal that, like many other parents, they don't get to the movies much:
Woody Allen is perhaps the only other American filmmaker who has as much creative freedom as you have. Are you fans of his films?

JOEL: The recent ones?
ETHAN: Or the earlier, funny ones?
JOEL: The early ones, sure. But really, it’s hard for either of us to get motivated to go out to the movies anymore.
ETHAN: These days we pretty much only go to movies we can take our kids to.
JOEL: I’ve got a 14-year-old who’s the world’s biggest Will Ferrell fan. I’ve got nothing against Ferrell’s movies — they’re pretty funny — but if it’s not that, my son, Pedro, doesn’t want to go.
ETHAN: Joel has seen Dodgeball many times.
JOEL: Yeah, Dodgeball! I remember Pedro bringing me to see Eddie Murphy in Norbit. He turned to me every ten minutes and said, “Are you enjoying this, Dad?”


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