Friday, August 14, 2009

Platform for My Candidacy for Baseball Commissioner: Bullpen Carts, 'Staches, and Shorts

Via my friend Miles, these two lists from Sports Illustrated: 25 Things We Miss in Baseball and 10 Things We Don't Miss in Baseball.

About the things we miss list: Absolutely yes to bringing back the golf cart for relief pitchers. I actually just mentioned this to a friend the other day before seeing the list. Bring back the bullpen cart! (For a history of this phenomenon, read this.)

I give other enthusiastic thumbs up to more organ music and less piped-in Limp Bizkit (good luck), World Series day games, and quality mustaches. (Corresponding to the meathead music in stadiums now is the meathead facial hair that many players sport.)

Miles points out that two of the items on the otherwise solid "good riddance" list would actually be fun to have back -- at least for a week or two. First, players smoking in the dugouts. Wow. I forgot this ever existed, but it wasn't even that long ago, based on this photo:

That's Dave Parker in the front. Not sure who the dude behind him is, but it looks like he might be smoking one of those funny cigarettes.

Second, ugly uniforms. Yes, overall it's good for the national psyche that these were thrown in the dust bin (especially that time the White Sox wore shorts), but come on, for a week or two, these would be fun to have back. Enjoy this gallery of hideousness from my childhood:

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Blogger Kraig Smith said...

Wow, those are some great links. The history of the bullpen cart had me on the floor with laughter (I believe internet types represent this as ROTFL. I especially like this line:

"With the bullpen cart's regular driver having gone AWOL, Dodgers backup catcher Tom Haller drives pitcher Jim Brewer to the mound, drops him off, and then runs into him."

As for the what we miss and what we don't miss, I think the bullpens in foul territory is what I miss most. I always found it exciting to be so close to the reliever and see (and hear) them warming up...knowing how good they look (or don't) before entering a game. It was more personal somehow.

And I don't care what they say, busty blondes running onto the field for a kiss is a novelty I never get tired of.

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