Monday, July 20, 2009

America's Next Top Artist

Speaking of Q&A's, my friend Sarah recently conducted a series of funny interviews with artists aspiring to appear on an upcoming reality TV show. They were waiting in line to audition when Sarah caught up with them. A slide show of 13 entries starts here.

Sarah is very good at, among other things, incredulity, as in this funny exchange:
What is the most scandalous thing you've done in your life as an artist?

There was this museum in Second Life, a replica of the Louvre. They were late paying their rent to their landlord, and I heard about this and went to the landlord and said, "If that space is available, I want to get in there." And he ripped it out from under them. He didn't even give them an extra hour to pay! That's where I ended up setting up my first gallery.

Wait, this was all on Second Life?

Yes. And this led to international exhibitions and thousands of dollars' worth of art sales.

On Second Life?

Yes. I set up a gallery on Second Life.


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