Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Math of Rocking Faces

I swear I will figure out, come hell or high water, how to get this blog back into fighting shape while still pursuing my other dreams -- most notably, to make it to the major leagues and best the career numbers of Albert Pujols.

For now, I offer you a link to this blog post, which examines the "hermeneutical possibilities" of Bon Jovi's famous lyric, "I've seen a million faces and rocked them all." A sample:
[I]n 1986, Bon Jovi had performed primarily in New Jersey. [Jon Bon Jovi] learned to play guitar in 1975, at age 13. That means Jon had 11 years of face-rocking under his belt when Wanted Dead or Alive was written. That means he would have to average 90,909 faces rocked per year, or 1,748 faces per week. How likely is this? Let's take a look at his pre-Bon Jovi bands and recordings to determine.
(Via The Browser)


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