Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presidential Prognosticating

Well, the Madness tips off in just a little while, and if you haven't seen President Obama filling out his bracket for ESPN, you should give it a look. (My favorite line: "Air Force One does have DirecTV.")

Three other things to enjoy about the clip:

1. Obama indulges Andy Katz (the ESPN representative) more in the beginning, and gets increasingly no-nonsense with his picks as time goes on. You can almost hear the voice in his head saying, "OK, less banter, ESPN, I've got a real job."

2. Obama chooses North Carolina to win it all, and gives the Heels a pep talk (well, he tells the team not to embarrass him).

3. I could swear that at the end I heard Katz say, "Thanks, man," and then recover to say, "Mr. President."

(Via Miles, whose blog is going to be all over this tournament.)


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