Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hundreds of Thousands of Sections

92YTribeca, an arts venue in New York, released this ad mocking the TV spots for the New York Times' Weekender subscription. If you haven't seen the original ads, you'll be able to reverse engineer them by watching what's below. Basically, a multi-cultural parade of giddy readers testify to the paper's transformative powers. The Times is in trouble, like the rest of print journalism, and it would be truly tragic if it folded, so it takes more than usual to laugh at it these days. Luckily, this clip brings more than usual -- Paul Rudd, Todd Barry, Mike Birbiglia, Eugene Mirman, and others. Enjoy:

(Via Paper Cuts)



Anonymous pf said...

"Dayton for Under $900 a Day!"

Reminds me of the real-life Times story this weekend called something like "You try to live on $500K in this town," which actually tried to make me feel sorry for people who spend an annual minimum of $16,000 on vacations and $45,000 on a private driver -- which, the article suggests, are necessities, because people in their positions are expected to maintain a certain lifestyle. It's because of those people that I DON'T HAVE A JOB. Just sayin'. Wait, I'm ranting, aren't I ... I meant only to point out the weird gyrations you find the Times doing presumably to please their affluent readership (who are all probably reading the WSJ instead anyway).

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