Tuesday, January 06, 2009


On his blog, Ecstatic Days, writer Jeff VanderMeer is making his way through all 60 of Penguin's lovely Great Ideas books in 60 days. (Via Omnivoracious) . . . Pajiba lists the 10 worst films of 2008, and I'm happy to say I didn't see a single one. . . . Comedian Patton Oswalt hilariously blogs about the action star Jason Statham, and reimagines blockbusters with his presence: "CHANGELING: Jason Statham plays the kidnapped boy, who immediately beats his kidnappers to death, then fights female assassins on top of a blimp; FROST/NIXON: Jason Statham pulls off David Frost's skin, drops him into a tank of sea salt, and then Statham and Nixon rent a limo and drive across country, shotgunning hippies." (Via The Comish) . . . Speaking (more seriously) of movies, I highly recommend The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, which I watched last night. It begins with a 15-minute scene that doesn't make sense until closer to the end, but the whole thing is excellent.


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patton oswalt is the funniest. Period.

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