Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Blog's Year in 12 Handy Links

I enjoyed doing this last December, so here again is a retrospective of the blog's year in 12 links. (Not to be confused with the longer year-end post immediately below this one.) I kept this year's dozen on the lighter and briefer side of things. Enjoy, and Happy New Year:

In the year's very first post, I marveled at what, after 365 days, has to remain the stupidest self-shooting of 2008. In February, I found glee in discovering how people inadvertently happened upon my humble online abode. In March, I must have watched this video a hundred times. Pico Iyer blew my mind in April. A month later, I suggested you watch out for a true long shot in the Belmont Stakes. Da' Tara won it at 38-1. Of course, I didn't take my own advice at the betting window. In June, a friend of mine offered some great names for pet dogs. I hope at least a handful of you utilized his genius. Arriving at home in July, I was welcomed with Texas style. In August, I found and shared an entertaining conversation between Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming. A few weeks later, I found and shared some insane ads. In October, I tried to keep you all from panicking. The New Yorker made my entire month of November by visiting Prince at home. Earlier this month, I discovered the joy of the "goofs" listed on IMDB.

My favorite clip of the year was probably "Food Fight," of which I wrote in March: "Enjoy the below, if 'enjoy' is the right word for something that recreates the events of 9/11 with stacks of hamburgers and fleeing French fries. Normally, I'd find that kind of thing offensive, but the imagination on display here does a lot to overrule the complaint. The film actually ends up feeling profound." Here it is again:


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