Monday, November 24, 2008

He Will Swerve

I forget where I recently learned of this guy, but someone named Sparrow, identified as "a poet," ran for president this year for the fifth consecutive time. As his official web site states, "In 1996 he ran as a revolutionary communist within the structure of the Republican Party." That's quite a feat.

In this brief video clip, Sparrow explains his campaign slogan for this year. And in this clip, he explains, "People ask me -- 'Sparrow, will you accept massive donations from special interest groups?' And I say to them, unfortunately, no one has ever offered me anything -- even a jar of mayonnaise -- so I have no idea how corrupt I am." And finally, here, he explains the influence Buddhism will have on his level of concentration as president.

I don’t normally trust people with such unkempt beards, but I like the cut of Sparrow’s jib. For one thing, he urges people not to vote for him, which is something I look for in a fringe candidate. I eagerly await his 2012 campaign.

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