Monday, November 24, 2008


The fact that there are people honestly praising the new, long-long-long-in-coming Guns N' Roses record -- even if those people work at the toothless Rolling Stone -- is amazing. Everything I've heard off the record is plain awful. . . . On the other side of the spectrum, Pitchfork celebrates a remastered version of the album that recently finished #13 on my never-ending list: "In 1983, R.E.M. sounded unique. No bands were combining these particular influences in this particular way, which made this debut sound not only new but even subversive: a sharp reimagining of rock tropes." . . . Maud Newton recommends the work of Theodora Keogh, granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt and obscure-but-talented writer, who led an interesting life. ("As a young girl Theodora wore boyish clothes, carried a knife and persuaded schoolfriends to swim nude with her." Persuasion being so much easier when one carries a knife.) . . . The 25 sexiest movies. There are some seriously suspect picks on this list. And what, no Carnosaur 3?? (Fun imdb tidbit for the day, this "revealing mistake" from Carnosaur 3: "When Rance throws the bomb into the Tyranosaur's mouth and detonates it a metal pole protruding from the puppets neck can be seen which previously connected the head to its body.")

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