Friday, November 07, 2008

Egghead Hoop Junkies

Now that it's basketball season, you should really make regular visits to Free Darko, the most unique journal of sports out there. (And given the site's oddball style, by "out there," I mean all the way, as in "in the galaxy.") A recent post about coach Mike D'Antoni and the Knicks included these two sentences, which should give you an idea of FD's conversational/egghead tone:
...playing for D'Antoni, coming into his sphere of influence, brings out (the Knicks') potential to be both more exciting and less retarded. What's more, he transmutes the imperative of style; when the team's goal is to get up and down fast as possible, move the ball three steps ahead of the defense, and dribble only if you get a note from teach, you have to use your imagination.
Of course, none of this will matter if the Knicks can't shoot. They're undoubtedly more exciting this year -- and moving in the right direction -- but in a couple of blowout losses, they couldn't hit the side of a barn.

Free Darko also recently posted a great video of Obama speaking to (and shooting a hoop for) the troops.

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