Thursday, November 06, 2008


There are at least two broad political issues I want to address in longer posts soon (probably not very soon), inspired by some of the post-election coverage, but for now let me just add a brief postscript to the ellipses below: There's obviously a lot of talk now about Obama's potential cabinet appointments, who they should be and who they shouldn't be. I'll say that John Kerry as secretary of state, which has been cited as a real possibility, strikes me as pretty uninspired.

At first blush, I like the idea of Brian Schweitzer as Secretary of Energy. In the brief exposure I've had, he strikes me as pragmatic, as well as folksy and smart (it would be nice to promote the idea that the two can be, you know, combined). He's worked in the Middle East, and he's fluent in Arabic. But I'll stop now, before I get in even further over my head and start recommending things like Maria from Sesame Street for Secretary of Education.


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