Friday, July 11, 2008

New Photos

I know what you've been asking since I last updated my modest photo blog on September 13 of last year: Why does he even have a photo blog? I'm sure the question has distracted you from work on more than one occasion.

Well, I've been lazy about updating it. And I haven't been carrying the camera around nearly as much as I should. But today I added a couple of posts -- two shots from the subway, and a few shots of water towers, which have caught my interest lately. Sometimes the towers play a starring role, sometimes a supporting role, as you can see in these two examples:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me that I recently saw on TV a
show about how those water towers are built and/or
refurbished. UNBELIEVABLE! It all takes place up in
the air, not on the ground. You couldn't pay me


6:17 PM  

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