Friday, June 13, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

Over at Pajiba, I review The Incredible Hulk, another filmed attempt to do justice to a great character:
Finally, Hollywood gets around to remaking something that needs to be remade. Hulk (2003) stands out on Ang Lee’s resumé like Larry the Cable Guy at a black-tie dinner. With Eric Bana as its wooden lead, CGI effects that were monstrous in all the wrong ways, and Nick Nolte rampaging more than the title character (Nolte didn’t chew the scenery in the movie’s climactic scene; he swallowed it whole), Hulk was rightly lambasted by critics. Which would have been fine with the studio, of course, except that audiences stayed away, too. We can’t have that. So, five short years later, the jolly-allergic green giant bounds into theaters again, trying to smash his way back into our hearts. The results are decidedly mixed.


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