Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have to agree with this, written to Andrew Sullivan by a reader of his:
Hillary's hanging on to the contest dramatically proves to me that she is unfit to be our president. It is so Bush-like, is it not? It's her Iraq. She has obviously failed, yet she keeps on just to prove she's not a quitter. Where have we heard that lately? How can we depend on her? Like Bush, she cannot admit a mistake. She can't admit failure. She is not rational. She'll take us down with her.

We need a rational president so badly. One who makes decisions based on careful consideration of all the facts and understands the real risks and likelihood of success. Hillary is running her campaign into the ground financially. Is that what we want in a president? Someone who uses fear and divisiveness to appeal to people?

Her campaign alone is a reason to vote against her.


Anonymous Riles said...

So true. I have many reasons to not vote for her, but I think this may be the most telling of them all. After the last 8 years, she and McCain are scary presidential prospects to me.

Speaking of, did you catch McCain on The Daily Show last night? He said that he is Al Qaida's worst nightmare. If he gets elected, I think we're in a world of hurt.

9:36 PM  

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