Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The High-End Lost and Found

A great article in the Times today about a world-class violinist, Philippe Quint, playing a concert for 50 cab drivers at Newark Airport.

The concert was inspired by one driver in particular, Mohammed Khalil:
On April 21, Mr. Quint accidentally left a Stradivarius violin, valued at $4 million, in the back seat of a cab that he took from the airport to Manhattan on his return from a performance in Dallas. After several frantic hours, the Newark police told him the violin had been found and was at the airport taxi stand with the cabdriver who had taken him home. The two connected, and the violin was returned.
You know where I'm going with this, but please allow me to anyway. Granted, I've got a strain of OCD in me, but there are times when I check two or three times for a paperback as I'm getting out of a cab. How is it that one forgets they're traveling with a $4 million Stradivarius? Amazing.

(There's an audio slide show that accompanies the article; worth checking out.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article broke my heart. While reaffirming the fact that we live in the Greatest City In The World, and All Cabdrivers Deserve to Be Honored By Bloomberg. You should have mentioned that one of the cabbies shouted out that the violinist had "magic fingers"! xo c

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