Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pigtails Flying

Please welcome Pigtails Flying to my blogroll. It's a great name for a great blog about running. Its creator, TK, is a good friend of mine who runs marathons, meaning that we relate to each other about other things. I get winded these days running half a block for a bus. (A short block.) You need not be a runner to enjoy TK's winning voice, but I imagine she'll have scores of fellow athletes frequenting her blog before long. Oh, and she's most certainly a New Yorker, as the first sentence here will attest:
I got out some of my stress by shouting a pizza delivery cyclist off the sidewalk, and then by shouting at a motorist making a left-hand turn who almost took out a whole swath of pedestrians. As soon as my feet hit the base of the 59th Street Bridge, it started to rain, and I tucked my ipod into the torso strap of my sports bra, under my arm, having already lost one ipod to water damage from a rainy run. By the time I trotted off the bridge and my foot touched the sidewalk in Queens Plaza, the rain had stopped, making it seem like I’d passed through some sort of cleansing passage as I moved from one borough to another, from one island to another.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for introducing my blog without calling me crazy (which so many of my non-running friends think I am).

I, of course, think you are crazy for not running, but would never say that in public.


8:17 AM  

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