Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For Wednesday, the Boss Busking

This week's musical clip is courtesy of my friend Lewis, who reminded me of its existence. The story goes that Bruce Springsteen, on tour in Copenhagen, came upon a busker performing his songs and decided to join him. This is the two of them doing "The River." Two things to consider: 1. Is it possible that the busker has had a better day in his life? He actually sings pretty good back-up, too. 2. How greedy are rock fans? At the end, when it's clear Bruce is going to stick around and do another, someone starts shouting for "Born to Run." It's not good enough that they get to see Bruce Springsteen on the street. They need to scream a request. Awesome.

Also, the crowd quiets down after the first part, so stick with it. Bonus links at the bottom of this post...

Here's Springsteen doing "The River" when he was much younger. Here's a version from the Born in the USA days. Here's Josh Ritter covering it in someone's living room. And here's Ben Stiller counting like the Boss, and recounting a "legend" not unlike the street scene above.


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