Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Getting It

The words of Hillary Clinton:
“It is time to get real,” she said in a speech at Hunter College in Manhattan. “To get real about how we actually win this election and get real about the challenges facing America. It’s time we moved from good words to good works, from sound bites to sound solutions.”
Let me ask you: What is more of a sound bite than Clinton's last sentence? This is the problem for her. Everyone uses sound bites. It's a matter of whose work better. That's being answered pretty overwhelmingly at the moment. And all of her nonsense about being more prepared to lead is sounding more hollow every day as she can't even campaign strongly enough to win her own party's nomination. All she has left to differentiate herself are the two arguments that hold up least to scrutiny: That she's more experienced, and a better leader.

Even leaving aside the results in the Virgin Islands, where Obama won 90%-8%, his current winning streak of 10 primaries has not exactly been a photo finish. He's won the other nine by an average of 32%. Now he's essentially even with Clinton in Texas after being behind for a long time. Is there something I'm missing, or would anyone with a modicum of grace be considering a concession? Oh, right...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting you suggest that. There is a good Newsweek article that says that if she wanted to preserve her political career, she should conceed before the Texas/Ohio primaries. But being a Clinton, she won't do that.


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