Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Recap

One blogger parses the GOP results from last night:
Also in the loser bin was Mike "We need to amend the constitution so it is in accordance with God" Huckabee. Despite his best musical efforts, voters just weren't swayed by his Mid-Western arena-rock shredding, and decided they'd rather have things like, you know, jobs.
On the Democrats' side, Michigan had angered the Democrats by moving its primary ahead in the season. The donkey party responded by giving Michigan a time out and taking away its delegates. Clinton was the only major candidate who even left her name on the ballot, and the same blogger as above makes the point lots of us keep trying to hammer home about the New York senator, which is that nearly half of her own party is motivated to vote against her:
...although the former first lady won handily, she still only mustered 55% of the vote in a contest where she was running essentially unopposed. Think about that. Not only did barely over half of voters check her box in a one-candidate election, but over 40% of Democratic voters took time out of their day to drive to their polling place and write in "uncommitted." Mrs. Clinton is already running attack ads in South Carolina painting uncommitted as weak and inexperienced.


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