Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Songs in a Certain Order

More substantive posts soon, but for now...I've been meaning to share a playlist with you. I had my songs on shuffle near New Year's, and these songs played in consecutive order. They worked together. They also seemed to have a calendar-changing tone to them, collectively, so maybe they wouldn't have the same effect today. But I suggest listening to them this way:

Heaven Help Us All -- Stevie Wonder
Ball and Chain -- Social Distortion
Who's the One -- Wheat
Fast Asleep -- Voxtrot
What's the World Got in Store -- Wilco
Your Cheating Heart -- Ray Charles
I've Got a Message to You -- Bee Gees
You Got Lucky -- Tom Petty
Strange Currencies -- REM
Golden Slumbers -- The Beatles
Another Year -- Hotel Lights
Crueler -- Buffalo Tom


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