Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I've written a few times about my fascination with the ocean's furthest reaches, including here. Jenny Davidson at Light Reading points to a book titled The Deep by Claire Nouvian, which is going on my holiday gift list. It includes material on the blobfish, pictured here:

Davidson points to one reviewer of The Deep who wrote: "This creature, with its pale, floppy flesh, comical W.C. Fields–like nose, piggy eyes, and broad, downturned mouth complete with 'cigar,' looks like a cartoon character."

Or, as Phil Nugent more succinctly and brilliantly put it in Davidson's comments section: "That thing looks like Ziggy at 70."


Anonymous JPW said...

I felt compelled to "comment" upon this blobfish photo, but I realize now, when faced with the empty expanse of the comment box, that the photo has rendered me speechless (but with a huge smile on my face). Thanks. (Bizarre-looking ocean creatures have always given me a very particular heeby-jeeby hope: if that fish has a place in this world, then so must I?)

10:51 PM  

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