Monday, December 10, 2007

A Blogger Sighting

My guests' favorite things of the year will begin going up later today (maybe tonight), but I spent more of the weekend than normal tangled up on the web, so first a few posts about things I found.

For starters, probably due to the writers' strike, screenwriter and rarely-heard-from blogger Josh Friedman has been posting. Here, he writes about a flood in his house and his attempts to make peace with Joss Whedon. Things start grim:
So my wife is on her third round of antibiotics and her first batch of steroids for what the doctors believe is a sinus infection migrated south to retire permanently in her lungs as bronchitis. My son has awakened us every night for the past two weeks complaining of a recurring nightmare involving a bad man with a tail who lives in a lamp. I have a rash that I don't want to talk about, and my dog has had a recurrence of something that requires its own special canine dermatologist.

So something's up.
And actually, they stay grim, but remain kind of funny, too.


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