Friday, November 02, 2007

The Lighter Side of '08

It's amazing when a brief story yields as much entertainment as this one about Stephen Colbert throwing in the towel on his bid for the presidency.

First, you have to love that someone forced the South Carolina Democratic Party executive council (yikes) into a response like this:
Since Colbert was only campaigning in South Carolina -- and was running as both a Democrat and a Republican -- council members ruled he was not viable, Werner said.
Then, there's this rallying cry Colbert gave at the University of South Carolina before his campaign ran aground:
"I promise, if elected, I will crush the state of Georgia," Colbert told the crowd. "Our peaches are more numerous than Georgia's. They are more juiciful."
And this:
Colbert's coverage of his campaign was sponsored by Doritos.
As if all that isn't enough, the piece ventures over to the Republican field for the tidbit that actually stunned me most:
Also on the GOP ballot will be three somewhat fringe GOP candidates, Dr. Hugh Cort, John Cox, and Cap Fendig.
There's someone running for president named Cap Fendig?? How is this person not polling higher based on name alone? President Cap Fendig. How great is that? I'm doing a quick background check, and unless this guy is a Red Sox fan or Fred Phelps' personal assistant, I might have to sign up to help his campaign.


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