Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back in the Saddle

If anyone noticed the silence here yesterday, I apologize. I should let you know where I am. I should call. I hope you didn't stay up waiting for me.

I was returning from another jaunt to Ithaca. The jaunt was lovely. The first half of the return trip was fine, but then turned into a seven-hour ordeal that's inspired me, among other things, to write a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Anyway, I'm back. More posts in a bit. No books list this week -- nothing's in the hopper, and I'll normally try to fill any gap like that with a list of my own, but I'm unprepared this week. For now, pictures of Ithaca. It's purty, especially this time of year:


Blogger Lily said...

Beautiful pictures!

11:03 PM  

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