Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gawker Still Sucks

It's been almost seven months since I stopped reading Gawker. Against my better judgment, I've followed links to the site for information-retrieval purposes once or twice during that span, but I've always gotten back out as soon as possible, the way I might desperately scramble to shore if I ever fell in the East River.

A friend alerted me to a cover story in this week's New York Magazine about the media-gossip site. I was eager to read it, but upon doing so, I realized that even secondhand exposure is somehow both disgusting and boring. It's not the fault of New York writer Vanessa Grigoriadis, who does an admirable job of making those associated with the site sound like the delusional, self-hating, envy-besotted high-schoolers-trapped-in-amber that they seem to be based on their "work." Of course, making them sound that way seems to entail only standing somewhere within shouting distance of them and pressing Record.


Blogger Dustin said...

You know, that was actually a brilliant article, one that I've been starting and stopping on all week. I never realized, really, what a narcissistic ass Denton was. I've always sort of thought of him as this awesome pioneer -- the guy who selflessly popularized the medium. But, to pay based on page views? That's incredibly dickish. And, I dunno, I actually did feel some sympathy for the bloggers interviewed, especially Gould, and I wonder a little why they subject themselves to it. But, to call it a sweat shop? C'mon -- that's just silly.

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