Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brace Yourself for the Terrible Twos

As of today, I've been doing this for two years, and I want to sincerely thank any of you who have been consistently reading or just stopping by from time to time. As I've said before, you're really the only thing that distinguishes me from a guy mumbling to himself on the 6 train.

Over the course of some pretty bad times (and some good ones, too, believe me), the blog has been, in a few ways, what I thought it could be -- a place to try things out, to practice discipline, and a place where at least a few people like to visit. But surprisingly, it's also allowed me to make friends, write movie reviews for a large audience, and develop a voice that's both mine and not mine. It allows me to be a curator, a bloviator, and an advocate (all things I like to be).

The blog is all mine, too, and in that way it's refreshingly simple, an extension of myself in the way it's designed to be, even if that deeply personal bond to it is what earns the format its dicey reputation. I've learned in the past few months that some very smart people I know actually prefer the type of blog that describes which brand of cereal the blogger enjoyed that morning, but I'm pretty certain A Special Way of Being Afraid will never go in that direction, at least partly because I'm a terrible creature of habit; itemizing my daily routines would become a numbing bore for both me and you after about 72 hours (maybe sooner). I rest easy knowing that those of you partial to retellings of breakfast have plenty of other places to go, and I'm happy for you.

For those of you who don't mind what I do, thanks again. Here's to a third calendar full of this nonsense.


Blogger gunter said...

I'm finally de-lurking to say thanks for a great year, I've enjoyed it immensely. I just picked up Norwood to read on your recommendation. Thanks!

12:29 PM  

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