Saturday, August 04, 2007

A Year Off

A couple of people have asked, so I'll break the bad news -- there won't be a baseball trip this year. You can relive the good times of the past two here and here. The dear friend who accompanied me on these journeys recently moved to Washington, DC, where I suppose he plans on moving ahead with "adult life." It's possible the tradition will be reborn at some time in the future. What I'll miss most -- besides the actual trip, of course -- is the naming of a new blog. I was thinking something like "The Jim Gantner Chronicles." I'll be replacing the baseball material with dispatches posted to ASWOBA from my annual trip to Saratoga, which begins in less than three weeks.


Anonymous pf said...

You should take time out to make the short drive to Cooperstown as a kind of penance. Don't miss the Doubleday Field and batting cages. (Might be hard to find Ms. Pacman, though.)

9:48 AM  

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