Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday Tune

See, things were bound to balance out after last week's avalanche of posts. I've got some long-winded entries in the on-deck circle (just one, really), but it's very warm in my apartment and I've been lugging the computer to cafes all week. I'm going to leave it home today, and just go somewhere to cool off.

But here's your Wednesday song, a clip of Coleman Hawkins from the mid-1930s. Enjoy:


Anonymous jpw said...

Just lovely. Thanks for this, ASWOBA. Coleman seems like a class act; his demeanor and carriage remind me of the lament you recently posted in reference to the erudite and charming players questioning Salvador Dali on an old quiz show clip....

One of these days (read: in my next life) I'll actually follow through on my oft-stated desire to learn more about jazz and the blues....

8:59 PM  

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