Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Wednesday Song, Not in the Form I Would Ideally Like

OK, I've really got to get to work. "Work" in this case meaning "studying up on players for my fantasy baseball draft tomorrow night." But first, I'll keep up this fledgling tradition of a Wednesday song. (A tradition, by the way, which I stole. Subconsciously, but it's still theft. Any jury would convict me.) I try to find live performances for this stolen feature, because almost all videos are lame. (Looking back, it's incredible to me that my generation spent so much time taking them seriously.) But I can't find a good live one quickly tonight, and these baseball players aren't going to study themselves, capiche? So, here's one of my favorite songs from a couple of years ago, "Mind Blindness" by Dirty on Purpose:


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