Saturday, March 24, 2007

Muttering to Myself

I try not to use the blog as an imaginary conversational partner, because that is not only incredibly pathetic but might even be the first (or hundredth) step on the road to dementia. But here I am:

The game's far from over, but Kansas is currently trailing UCLA by six points in the West region's final. Kansas is the 1 seed, but they're playing in San Jose, California. How does this make sense? Shouldn't a top seed be given preferential treatment assuming the tournament goes according to plan? The top two seeds are in the final, which I would describe as "according to plan," but they're playing much closer to the 2 seed's home. I really don't care, because I don't root for either team, but couldn't this have been solved by just swapping 2 seeds -- by, say, having put UCLA in the East and Georgetown, another 2 seed, in the West?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how they determine that. If I remember correctly, Xavier (a 9 seed) played their first round game against BYU (an 8 seed) an hour and a half away from Xavier, and approximately half the country away from BYU.

-- Comish

10:25 PM  
Blogger LP Cards Fan said...

One huge flaw in that plan, if they had made that swap, the Jayhawks would not have come up against a 'B' team and lost.

2005: Kansas loses to Bucknell Bison
2006: Kansas loses to Bradley Braves
2007: Kansas loses to UCLA Bruins

5:40 PM  

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