Tuesday, February 20, 2007

That Monkey Is Going to Pay

A friend just wrote to ask how psyched I am about this:

The answer: very, very psyched. The show's not what it used to be, fine, but what it used to be was -- and I'm wearing a straight face -- the best thing ever on television. And I choose to believe that, even though its best run ended more than a decade ago, an institution as great as this one can rally when producing its first, long-awaited feature movie. The clip above certainly promises many favorite staples -- an angry mob scene, a refusal to reveal Springfield's location, and an absurdly large cast (that great roll call during the preview names 28 characters, and leaves off many that I can think of -- including, most egregiously, Professor Frink, though I know he's in there).

The point is, you know where I'll be July 27. Feel free to join me. But for now, a couple more brief clips while we're here:


Blogger Jason said...

Watching the Simpsons these days is akin to your fun uncle getting alzheimer's. Sure he may tell a funny joke now and again but most of the time it is just painful to see the shell of a being he has become.

This movie is about 8 years too late and I fear the worst.

4:11 PM  

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