Sunday, February 25, 2007

Five Songs, Chapter Nineteen

"Ain't That Enough" by Teenage Fanclub

Try to be depressed while listening to this song. Go ahead. Try.

"World of Pauline Lewis" by Television Personalities

This is from the band's first full-length album, And Don't the Kids Just Love It, which was released in 1981. I read about them on emusic, which starts its account of the band with this:
Britain's Television Personalities enjoyed one of the new wave era's longest, most erratic, and most far-reaching careers. Over the course of a musical evolution that led them from wide-eyed shambling pop to the outer reaches of psychedelia and back, they directly influenced virtually every major pop uprising of the period, with artists as diverse as feedback virtuosos the Jesus and Mary Chain, twee pop titans the Pastels, and lo-fi kingpins Pavement readily acknowledging the Television Personalities' inspiration.
I'm glad to have found them. You can read more in their Wikipedia entry, including this strange tidbit:
In an article in The Guardian on April 24 2006, it was implied that Dan Treacy is in some way behind the Arctic Monkeys, although this is based on little more than a perceived similarity between their lyrical style and that of Treacy, and the fact that the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys is mysteriously not credited with their songwriting.
"Objects of My Affection" by Peter Bjorn and John

Guitar squalls and a martial drum beat combined with vocals both sneering and yearning. A good song, though I picked only a few tracks off this album on iTunes. Not sure I'm ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet.

"Multitude of Casualties" by The Hold Steady

Like so many of this band's songs, this is a clever one about teenagers driving fast, doing drugs, attending mass -- some looking for God while others just search out a good time.

"South Tacoma Way" by Neko Case

A beautiful song overall, it contains these lines, which kill me: "I can't comprehend the ways I miss you / They come to light in my mistakes."



Blogger k said...

i can't thank you enough for introducing me to The Hold Steady. you should check out the Twang, they don't have an album yet but you can hear them on my space

6:18 PM  
Blogger Mrs. White said...

I picked up the Peter Bjorn and John album a couple of weeks ago, and it's pretty good. I don't love it as much as Pitchfork does, but it's pretty solid. "Paris 2004" and "Writer's Block" are my two favorites. You know, in case you care. :)

7:42 PM  
Blogger Mrs. White said...

And by "Writer's Block", I meant "Young Folks." (Gaa, I stayed up too late watching The Oscars. So very tired...)

7:50 PM  

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