Thursday, July 13, 2006

Too Much Lasagna, or Just Enough?

My friend EJ sent me a link to Permanent Monday, a blog devoted to thorough analysis of a Garfield strip per day, and after a quick tour, I've been trying to figure out the exact proportion of its abilities to amuse and frighten. I like the comments sections, where you'll find a lot of close reading:
I especially like how the complete lack of furniture/posters/degrees in the background serves to further emphasize the deafening silence of the second panel.
and, of course, Garfield worship:
Garfield is not a cat.
Garfield is a cat-like Demigod.
and, from the proprietor himself, protesting too much:
There is nothing embarrassing about the vast amounts of Garfield stored in the collective unconscious.
Speaking of the proprietor, he is 27-year-old Californian Chris Stangl, and based on his blogger profile page, I only have one question: How many of us, upon just seeing his picture, would be able to guess all four acts listed under "favorite music"? I would say a solid 70% of us.



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