Monday, July 10, 2006

Tick Tock, I Don't Stop

So, this is post 500. Nothing fancy, partly because I'm not sure what fancy would entail on a blog. I thought about doing something like my favorite hundred songs, but then I remembered: a) I haven't had time recently to put a list like that together, and b) I'm not in college anymore.

Thanks to everyone who's been reading this whole time, which I think, sarcasm aside, is a few more people than Leigh and Ray. You've made this fun and kept me (barely) from feeling like someone ranting to himself at a bus stop, though in your encouragement you've done nothing to delay my inevitable date with carpal tunnel.

I imagine I've got at least another 500 posts in me, so I hope you stick around. I think I'll be adding some features and inviting some more guests to make this an even better time, if that's possible. (You knew the sarcasm would force its way back into the room.)


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