Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reports of the Death of My Enthusiasm for Music Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (By Me)

I don't know why I lie.

When I wrote about Hotel Lights the other day, I said "I haven't discovered many bands in the past year or so that I would heartily recommend." In fact, there are at least five. (So maybe I'm saved on a technicality. Five doesn't feel like "many," but it's something.) There's the Guillemots; there's Band of Horses (I'm liking their debut, Everything All the Time, more and more, which is the opposite of what I expected to happen); Hudson Bell (I already wrote about him here), The Weepies; and Joanna Newsom (an acquired taste, for sure; don't just go listening to her without some preparation. Perhaps we should talk.)

Actually, Say I Am You, the most recent record by The Weepies, is outstanding. It's the kind of music that could be (and has been) used on the soundtrack of really bad television shows like "Grey's Anatomy," but don't hold that against it. (Anyway, I've come to peace with the fact that a lot of music I like has been used for nefarious purposes by people my age who create horrendous programs and then score them with good songs. Sure, it makes me wonder how they could have such decent taste in music and such a tin ear for dialogue, but life's too short to get hung up on it.)


Blogger MAW said...

About The Weepies, thanks for the recommendation. I just downloaded Say I am You off e-music yesterday and it made me very, very happy while I listened to it this morning on my way to work. (My happiness could have been due to the realization that I'd never have to see my 2nd hour American Lit class again, but I think the album may have had a bit to do with it too).

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